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The Mission

Roffles is a brand that offers small-scale prize giveaways that enable users to purchase tickets and a premium currency known as Roffle Bucks to enter draws at a low cost with high chances to win prizes including technology, holidays, money and more.

Roffles was looking to partner with a data-driven digital marketing agency that could improve brand awareness and organic traffic, optimize their website, and create a powerful marketing campaign with professionally executed digital and inbound marketing solutions.

The Process

The team at Growth Marketing Genie developed an effective and budget-friendly solution that included a detailed SEO strategy, an omni-channel PPC campaign that was implemented across programmatic and social platforms, a customized inbound marketing strategy designed to attract qualified leads, and a persona-driven email marketing campaign.

Roffles’ overall inbound marketing strategy was designed to attract, nurture, and convert online leads via targeted multi-channel campaigns, and included an email automation and workflow strategy that was created to improve user engagement. A high-level SEO audit was also implemented to find any issues and opportunities to improve organic search performance.

Roffles’ data-driven ad campaign was launched to target audiences around the United Kingdom, and was centered around an actionable data set that allowed the team at Growth Marketing Genie to focus their marketing efforts on the people most likely to convert.

The Results

With the powerful combination of data insights and excellent targeting, the Roffles campaign acquired more than 3000 new users at a cost per acquisition of £4.50, with a click through rate that improved from 6.2% to 22.4% over a three month period.

Their inbound marketing strategy, driven by buyer personas, was able to attract, nurture, and convert online leads via targeted multi-channel campaigns, as well as improve user engagement and increase the average customer lifetime value.

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